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Download TikTok videos without Logo, Watermark completely free

TapTik is the best tool to download TikTok Videos without logo, watermark today in Vietnam. Website does not require installing any software on your computer or phone. The only job you need do is COPY the link of the TikTok Video And when the process of creating the download link is finished, you just need to press the DOWNLOAD HD button and save the video to your device

Outstanding features

  • Downloaded video does not contain logo or watermark, video is in HD quality or equal to original video quality
  • Easy to download TikTok videos using devices such as computers, phones, tablets
  • Download videos using a browser on your computer, phone or tablet without installing any good software which support program
  • The website is completely free for all users. We only show a few ads from Adsense or from ads host unit
  • How to use TapTik

    1. Open the TikTok app on your phone, tablet or web browser
    2. Select any Video you want to Download
    3. Choose the Share Video button
    4. Select Copy Link button
    5. Open the TapTik website and paste the copied link into the input box and press Download HD
    6. Wait a few minutes for the system to search and create a download link and then save the Video

    Frequently asked questions

    Where is the video saved after the download is complete
    Normally the browser will automatically choose for you the Downloads folder to store the video. If not found, you have can access your browser"s Settings and review the folder where the video was saved
    Does TapTik store videos or any other user or video information?
    TapTik only supports users to download Tiktok videos and absolutely does not store any user information. Use as well as Video
    Do I have to pay to download Tiktok videos without logo or watermark
    The website is completely free. You can support us by donating or disabling ad blocking software (if yes) because the website still needs costs to maintain and during the development period add new features
    Can I download Tiktok videos from my Android phone
    Android is an open operating system, you can easily download and save Tiktok videos using the TapTik website
    Can I download Tiktok videos from my Iphone
    Sorry, due to iPhone"s privacy policy, you cannot download Videos or Mp3s, as well as Movie files from Internet to your Iphone. In this case, we have an article that shows you how to Tiktok videos on Iphone. Please give it a try.